The USUS evaluation framework for user-centered HRI

image of The USUS evaluation framework for user-centered HRI

This chapter presents the USUS evaluation framework for the user-centered assessment of interaction scenarios with humanoid robots based on the factors Usability, Social Acceptance, User Experience, and Societal Impact. It consists of (1) a theoretical factor-indicator framework and (2) a methodological framework. Each of the four theoretical evaluation factors is split up into several indicators, which are extracted and justified by literature review. The methodological framework is based on a method mix derived from various disciplines. It proposes the most feasible method for each indicator to be addressed in a human-robot interaction study. This chapter concludes with a validation and application process of the framework and a discussion and outlook on future work with the proposed USUS evaluation framework.

  • Affiliations: 1: Christian Doppler Laboratory for “Contextual Interfaces” University of Salzburg, Austria; 2: IRIT, Group ICS University of Toulouse, France
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