Towards a typology of control in DP

image of Towards a typology of control in DP

The chapter argues that the typology of control in DPs is as rich as it is in clauses, and identifies clear cases of Obligatory Control (OC) and Nonobligatory Control (NOC) in DP. Once implicit arguments in nominalizations are taken into account, the control pattern in nominalizations of subject control clauses turns out to fall, uniformly, on the side of OC. Agentless control nominalizations are claimed to involve local control by an implicit agent, supported by the interpretive OC properties associated with the infinitive subject. NOC is also attested, with nominalizations of predicates which in clauses are associated with NOC. The chapter also argues that adjunct control, of the sort familiar from clauses, does not exist, and that NOC is always logophoric control. The existence of both patterns, OC and NOC, provides a new testing ground for the factors determining the typology in clauses and the effect of nominalization on control.

  • Affiliations: 1: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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