Named Entities

Recognition, classification and use

image of Named Entities

<i>Named Entities</i> provides critical information for many NLP applications. Named Entity recognition and classification (NERC) in text is recognized as one of the important sub-tasks of Information Extraction (IE). The seven papers in this volume cover various interesting and informative aspects of NERC research. Nadeau &#38; Sekine provide an extensive survey of past NERC technologies, which should be a very useful resource for new researchers in this field. Smith &#38; Osborne describe a machine learning model which tries to solve the over-fitting problem. Mazur &#38; Dale tackle a common problem of NE and conjunction; as conjunctions are often a part of NEs or appear close to NEs, this is an important practical problem. A further three papers describe analyses and implementations of NERC for different languages: Spanish (Galicia-Haro &#38; Gelbukh), Bengali (Ekbal, Naskar &#38; Bandyopadhyay), and Serbian (Vitas, Krstev &#38; Maurel). Finally, Steinberger &#38; Pouliquen report on a real WEB application where multilingual NERC technology is used to identify occurrences of people, locations and organizations in newspapers in different languages.<br />The contributions to this volume were previously published in <i>Lingvisticae Investigationes</i> 30:1 (2007).

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