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‘letter of politics’ as a famous Persian book carries verbal forms which seem different from those found in contemporary corpora. In this paper, we focus on a comparison between prefixal verbs in and those in contemporary corpora. Our corpus is taken randomly from political section of a popular contemporary Iranian newspaper called Since contains almost 100000 words, we take the same number of words from . We focus on verbs containing one of the five frequent prefixes. First, we extracted verbs carrying such prefixes from both sources under study, and then classified them in terms of types and tokens in AntConc (computer software). Afterward, we compared and contrasted verbs of the two sources. A number of verbal prefixes became completely obsolete; a number of them changed into prefixal nouns/adjectives to be used as non-verbal elements of new verbs.


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Keyword(s): contemporary Persian; corpus data; prefixal verbs; verb types
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