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  • ISSN 0155-0640
  • E-ISSN: 1833-7139
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This article reports on a study in which journal publication performance of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (AL/TESOL) academics in the Group of Eight (Go8) Australian universities was examined for each academic rank (Lecturer to Professor) and across apparent genders (females and males). Journal publication performance was defined in terms of productivity (number of articles), academic impact (number of citations to those articles), and quality (journal impact factor and quartile rankings). To this end, journal publications of 65 Go8 AL/TESOL academics were identified over 19 years (2000–2018 inclusive). Normative research profiles are provided for each academic level and across two genders and are discussed in light of the literature. Where appropriate, a critical view has also developed concerning issues such as “publish or perish” and “gender gap” in academic publication. Results and discussion of results can contribute to a better understanding of AL/TESOL journal article production in Go8 universities as a reference group.


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