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Although much recent work in translation studies has focused on translators, the research conducted by translators remains understudied. This study explores translators’ research and its impact on their translations and on translational trust. Taking Jeffrey C. Kinkley – an American translator, historian, and sinologist – as an illustrative case study, this paper investigates Kinkley’s research work, including interviews with the original author, fieldwork-based efforts to verify objects described in the text, research on historical documentation and previous academic studies, and more, resembling the research work of evidential scholarship and ethnographic studies. Kinkley’s research impacts his translations, characterized by inclusive text selection, thick translation strategies, literary and cultural fidelity, and new knowledge creation. A translator’s research provides a solid foundation for accurate and adequate translations, increased visibility, and interactive and dynamic networking among various agents in the translation field, which plays a pivotal role in nurturing translational trust. This investigation into Kinkley’s research work contributes to an in-depth understanding of and objective comments on both translation and translator.


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