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  • E-ISSN: 2451-909X
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Narrative shapes conflict, influencing its outcomes and the parties involved in it. Translations reported by media lie in the heart of this dynamism as translation plays a crucial role in enabling narratives to cross cultural and linguistic barriers. This paper adopts a narrative approach to the analysis of media reporting of political discourse communicated during the Arab-Israeli conflict. The data under analysis is mainly derived from three conflicts: The Second Intifada 2000–2005, Lebanon War 2006 and Gaza War 2008/9. The study suggests that competing narratives have manifested themselves differently in the media reporting of the discourse. Statements have been framed and events labelled through the translations reported by media in line with the agenda of politically affiliated media outlets. Using various forms of framing and features of narrativity, conflicting parties have sought to promote their versions of the narrative on the conflict.


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