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MS. Barocci 48
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This article brings to light an unpublished treatise on orthographically different but phonetically identical vowels entitled Περὶ ἀντιστοίχων and transmitted in manuscripts Barocci 10 (14th/15th century) and Barocci 48 (15th century), both kept in the Bodleian library in Oxford. The Περὶ ἀντιστοίχων is one of the many orthographical works composed to help with the spelling problems that arose in the Greek language due to the fact that over the centuries the sound of certain Greek vowels became identical, thus making the spelling of words a real challenge. As well as providing the for this text, this article discusses its history and background, its features, and its relationship with other grammatical and lexicographical sources, primarily with Pseudo-Zonaras’ , and suggests that the Περὶ ἀντιστοίχων is possibly an indirect witness to Pseudo-Zonaras’ .


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