Theme: Pictograms
  • ISSN 0142-5471
  • E-ISSN: 1569-979X
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To indicate that the world ‘out’ there’ is what we, as humans, conceive it to be, and not as it is in and for itself, I will consider the image-making process as a process of visual modeling of concepts. As such, visual modeling is equivalent to the meaning-making process, since a graphic model is the conceptual model of structural and conceptual relations. I will discuss functional differences between images and diagrams, as categories fulfilling different expectations, the former being tools of art-making, and the latter being tools of information design. In order to facilitate the goal of advancing the level of visual literacy, I will examine the factors contributing to the shaping of the boundaries of visual literacy and aesthetic preferences. In doing so, I will relate the evolutionary process of form development to the development of its semantic dimension, using examples from the art of children. I argue that the rules of constructing images at the early stages of form development are identical with the rules of designing diagrams.


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