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  1. The Seminar was organised
    The Seminar was organisedby Mr. W. Grauberg , Director of the Language Centre at the University of Nottingham, and sponsored by the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL). Abstracts of papers and the results of a Survey of Language Centres will be made available shortly.
  2. E.g. at the last Annual General Meeting of BAAL
    E.g. at the last Annual General Meeting of BAAL, held at the University of Lancaster, April 1970.
  3. Cf. R.R.K. Hartmann
    , "Applied Linguistics in the U.K.". Contact, Nr.14 1970, pp.6–12.
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  4. Report Nr.3 1969, ed. byD. Crystal, Department of Linguistic Science, University of Reading.
  5. Published version in preparation
    Published version in preparation ed. CILT, 63High Holborn, London, W.C. 1.
  6. Cf. R. Strauch
    , "Lin guis tik an der Università’t Nottingham", Linguistische Berichte, Nr.S 1970, pp.38–40.
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  7. Cf. K. Cameron
    , English Place Names, Batsford, London 1961 Prof. Cameron is editor of theAnnual Reportsof the English Plaee-Name Society, c/o Department of English, University of Nottingham.
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  8. Cf. H.M. Berry
    , An Introduction to Systemic Linguistics, to be published byBatsford, London. From 1970 Miss Berry is acting as Secretary of the Linguistic Association of Great Britain.
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  9. Cf. W. Nash
    , Our Experience of English, to be published byBatsford, London.
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  10. Cf. R.G. Keightley
    , "A Transformational Generative Grammar of Spanish" (cyclostyled) 1968.
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  11. Members of the English Department teach a course"Communication and Report Writing"for Engineering students. Cf. Also A.J. Kirkman , Standards of English in Science and Technology, Ph.D. thesis 1967.
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  12. Cf. R.G. Keightley
    , "Diachronic Applications of Distinctive Features Phono-loy", (cyclostyled) 1969 ; documentation "Spanish Language" inThe Year’s Work in Modern Languages, annually since vol.26 (1964).
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  13. Cf.
    G.C. Stone’s interest in language contact, particularly between Germanic ans Slavonic languages, e.g. inLexical Developments in the Upper Sorbian Literary Language 1827-1927, Ph.D. thesis, London 1968.
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  14. Cf. P.J. Hitchman
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  15. Cf. P.A. Gardiner
    , A Comparison between the Standard of Spoken French achieved by a Class taught with Phonetic Script, Theory and Intonation Aids, and one taught without such Aids, M. Ed.thesis 19S2 ; J.A. Partington , "Streams, Sets or Mixed Ability Groups", Modern Languages, 50 (1969), pp.117–121 ; D.J. Morton , "The Cambridge School Classics Project — An Experiment", Didactica Classica Gandensia, 9, (1969), pp.55–63.
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  16. Cf. R.R.K. Hartmann
    (with F.C. Stork), Dictionary of Linguisticsin preparation.
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  17. "The Organization of Linguistics in Western Europe", appendix in Vol.IXofCurrent Trends in Linguistics ed. by T.A. Sebeok , to be published byMouton, Den Haag 1970.
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  18. Cf.
    Survey of Needs and Provisions for In-Service Training in Modern Languages, Report (cyclostyled) of a Working Party of the University of Nottingham Institute of Education 1970.
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  19. Cf. R.A. Cardwell
    , "Some Comments on Modern Language Teaching Methods", paper read atPALSPAN Colloquium, Westfield College, London, 26th March 1969.
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  20. Cf. W. Grauberg
    , "An Error Analysis in German of 1st year University Students", paper read atthe 2nd International Congress of Applied Linguistics, Cambridge, September 1969.
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  21. Cf. R.R.K. Hartmann
    , "Linguistics and Translation", ASLIB Proceedings, 21 (1969), pp.190–194 ; R.G. Keightley , "Aspects of the Theory of Translation", (cyclostyled) 1970.
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  22. M.C. Grayshon
    , The Function of Intonation and Stress as Social Determinantsin preparation ; N. Hodek , "On Teaching English Intonation to Serbo-Croat Learners", English Language Teaching, Vol.22, No.1 (1967), pp.67–72.
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  23. M.M. Lewis
    , Language and the Child, NFEREW, Slough 1969 .
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  24. Cf. J. Shotter
    , "Psychology : Language-Games and Forms of Life" (cyclo-styled) 1968 ; T. Gilbert , Children’s and adults’ use of speech during mechanical and mental tasks, M.A. thesis 1968.
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