Media and communication as antecedents to the transformation agenda in Malaysia: Challenges and realities
  • ISSN 0957-6851
  • E-ISSN: 1569-9838
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Youth generation in this century (Gen Y) as a whole are exposed to technological developments, particularly in the process of getting information. As a result, any information that comes to them will be interpreted widely and critically. Recently, a documentary aired regularly shaped history back to the audience (especially Gen Y) to express the spirit of patriotism to the country. The question here involves the interpretation by the youth (Gen Y) which is more focused on the implicit meaning of the historical documentary ‘The Kinta Story’ (1949) produced by the National Film of Malaysia (FINAS). This article analyzes the interpretation of Gen Y based on understanding of the cognitive and aesthetic elements of the historical documentary. A focus group discussion was conducted on seven informants. The discussion focuses on the propaganda aspect, the aspect of British greatness and the overall interpretation of the historical documentary narrative as a message. From the results, the Gen Y informants interpreted the colonialists of British Malaya as having personal interests to reap the economic resources and make communist as a cause to justify their relevance in Malaya. The results also showed that the transformation of social technologies and the impact of extensive and open information have influenced the interpretation (read: reading) of Gen Y.


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