Linguistic Variation Yearbook 2008
  • ISSN 1568-1483
  • E-ISSN: 1569-9900
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The crosslinguistic distribution of preposition stranding by A movement in pseudopassive constructions matches that of a marked A' phenomenon, namely extraction from Bare Present Participial Adjuncts. Moreover, both constructions show sensitivity to external factors of a sort that reanalysis-based theories of P-stranding are designed to capture, but which is not immediately predicted by P-stranding theories based on parametrisation of PP’s status as a bounding node or phase. However, an expanded version of Abels’ (2003) phase-based account of P-stranding, according to which the sensitivity of P-stranding under A- and A'-movement to PP-external factors is due to general constraints on movement and passivisation, captures the relevant data without resorting to a reanalysis operation.


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