Controversies, Communication and the Body
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Without any polemic intention, our present contribution will be concerned with the idea of as an ontological index, in positive and negative perspective. In the positive perspective, represents the definitional index of the human person. More specifically, we shall approach the within the formative process of the person`s consciousness (). In order to make relevant our philosophical target, the idea of will be treated within the semiotic extension of the concept of (Romanian: , Latin: , Hebrew: ‘place/ locus’ — ‘the Omnipresent God, the Omnipresent locus’), in conformity with the following three oppositions: (a) as a physical index vs. human symbol; (b) with reference to physical persona vs. spiritual persona; (c) in profane sense vs. sacred sense. In the negative perspective, the absence of makes relevant a new meaning of the Judaic concept with the sense of ‘the Omnipresent God, the Omnipresent locus’.

We intend to establish two targets for our research: 1. to follow the process during which the definitional index represents a formative agent of (self) consciousness; and 2. to establish the switching point where (“the place”) becomes ‘the Omnipresent God, the Omnipresent locus’.


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