Volume 21, Issue 1
  • ISSN 0929-9971
  • E-ISSN: 1569-9994
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This paper deals with the following topics: (a) theoretical aspects of terminology with special emphasis on English-Serbian language contacts, (b) contrastive semantic and morphosyntactic analysis of the corpus containing English and Serbian terms of the five most popular ball games in the region, which were excerpted from official texts, (c) standardization of sports terms in Serbian including six principles listed in decreasing order of priority: bi-univocity, transparency, systematicity, productivity, concision, and frequency, and (d) lexicographic codification of sports terms. The current research is based on a previous study (Milić 2004) dealing with sports terminology, the main result of which was the proposal of a model of terminological standardization and publication of an English-Serbian dictionary of sports terms entitled Englesko-srpski rečnik sportskih termina (Milić 2006).


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