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Wikipedia is a multilingual, user-driven online encyclopaedia available in 325 languages and language varieties. Such linguistic diversity has drawn the attention of translation scholars over the past decade. Previous research has addressed, among other issues, the quality of translated Wikipedia entries, the motivations driving editors-translators, and the taxing negotiations behind editorial changes. Nevertheless, the processes underpinning translation practices in the encyclopaedia have often been overlooked. Consequently, this paper adopts a praxeological approach to translation by analysing documented standards across four Wikipedia language communities and the extent to which 16 experienced translators have assimilated them. The findings suggest that Wikipedia guidelines on translation have slight but tangible differences across the communities under investigation. Moreover, the interview data showed a tendency among participants to attach more importance to cross-wiki editing policies than to any local translation guidelines. This preference ultimately reinforces previous claims that translation and editing in Wikipedia form a continuum.


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