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In this paper, part of the preliminary results of a spelling survey project are presented along with some general theoretical consider-ations about writing.In the first part it is argued, that until recently, spelling research had either psycholinguistic or educational aims. There is now a growing awareness of the importance of trying to incorporate various factors, originating on the one hand from psycho- and sociolinguistic research, and on the other hand from educational psychology. As a result the acquisition and development of writing skills is now looked upon from a broader angle. However, school teachers are reluctant to adopt these insights, first, because this means a radical attitude change toward the traditional idea of "writing correctly", and second, because up to now, little didactic support is offered in this respect.In the second part, part of the examination results of 664 compositions from 183 pupils from two schools, one in Louvain and one in Antwerp, are discussed. We did not just look at spelling failures but also at lexicological, morphological and syntactic shortcomings. Moreover we looked at the teacher and the didactic methods. The general results are discussed, as well as certain details such as the dropping of the final -n, letter changes and verb ending in the simple present. Apart from differences between the schools, there are a number of differences compared to previous Dutch research as well.In the final part some theoretical aspects of "invented spelling" are discussed. It is argued that current didactics should devote more time to stimulating writing procedures than to inventing new techniques for the teaching of spelling.


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