Communicatie in bedrijf en beroep
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The Institute for Technology & Linguistics of the Technical University of Eindhoven has been giving courses in negotiating in French-speaking cultures. This course is intended for Dutch managers who have regular contacts with business concerns in France or in other French-speaking countries. The course is partly a result of a collaborative, extensive research carried out by the Universities of Eindhoven and of Tilburg into the role of language and culture in international negotiation.The research has shown that Dutch firms are apprehensive about making contacts with French firms. Not only the language but also the differences in culture and negotiation patterns seems to cause various problems. The aim of this course is to familiarize the trainees with French negotiation patterns and provide them with appropriate strategies for negotiation, extend their knowledge of French "technical-commercial culture" and increase their proficiency in the language.The article also discusses linguistic aspects which can help or hinder technical-commercial communication. Finally, it looks at global cultural approaches which are implied by this sort of course. For example, how far is it necessary to go along with: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"?


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