Leerplanontwikkeling voor de moderne vreemde talen: 12 november te Nijmegen
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This paper consist of four parts.1. National teaching -learning curricula. Concepts such as teaching -learning curriculum, planning-document (e.g. "schoolworkplan") and its functions are elaborated. Reasons are„given for the absence of a systematic and integral approach to the development of national teaching - learning curricula.2. National teaching - learning curricula between the poles of centralization and decentralization.Centralizing and decentralizing tendencies should be considered complementary rather than polar. An antithetic either - or approach is rejected and prplaced by an.antinomic and-and view. This paper advocates a close and well-balanced cooperation between the national level (the creation of a national framework) and the local level (the concrete operationalization of that framework).3. Consequences for teachers.This part discusses three functions of curricula, the connections between curriculum - knowledge - power, the role of teachers in the cooperative relationships mentioned under 2. In this context the inservice education and training of teachers should have a high priority.4. Aanzet voor de ontwikkeling van een onderwijsleerplan moderne vreemde talen.This memorandum by van Ek en Groot is summarized and commented upon.


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