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The LARSP procedure by Crystal, Fletcher and Garman (1976) was used as a starting point for GRAMAT, a method by means of which the development of morphosyntax in Dutch children from one to four years of age can be profiled. The developmental scheme was based on 72 spontaneous speech samples of 42 children. The children were selected on the basis of age, sex and socio-economic group. From every sample, recorded at the homes of the children, 100 utterances were analyzed at the clause, phrase and word levels. In the developmental scheme, which was divided in six stages, each covering a period of six months, the morphosyntactic structures were included which a) are used by at least half of the children at a particular stage and b) are used with a median frequency of at least 1.0. The morphosyntactic development which takes place from one to four is describea both in quantitative and qualitative terms.


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