Computer-ondersteund talenonderwijs
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At the Nijmegen Institute for Cognition Research and Information Technology (NICI), linguistic modules have been developed to make computer simulations of human language processing possible. Those modules are also used in several practical applications in the field of computer-assisted instruction. In order to improve the results of te teaching of grammar and spelling in Dutch and Flemish schools, we developed two programs: BOUWSTENEN, an intelligent program for Dutch grammar teaching, and SPELRAAM, an intelligent program for the instruction of the spelling of Dutch verbsThe innovative aspects of BOUWSTENEN are:- the explicit grammar which makes a clear distinction between grammatical functions and categories at different levels- the constructive method: the program offers constructive as well as analytical exercices- the two-dimensional display of the syntactic structure of sentences- mmediate feedback adapted to the knowledge level of the student and explaining what is wrong as well as why it is wrong.An elaborate description of BOUWSTENEN is given, in which the architecture of the program and the elements (examples, exercises, explanation) that are part of every lesson are discussed. Two lessons are described in detail: the finite verb lesson and the direct object lesson.In the future, BOUWSTENEN could be elaborated into a complete Intelligent Tutoring System by developing a curriculum network as a base for a didactic component and a student model.Knowledge of all the rules for the spelling of regular Dutch verbs makes SPELRAAM also an intelligent program. By practising with SPELRAAM, a student learns to spell Dutch verb forms correctly by applying a small set of rules. The program is able to diagnose errors made by the student and to help the student corect them.


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