Aspekten van de sociolinguistiek in Nederland: 22 maart 1980 te Amsterdam
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  • E-ISSN: 2213-4883
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A sketch is given of the Frisian language situation. It is estimated that roughly 6/10 of the population have Frisian as the language of the home, 3/10 Dutch and 1/10 a regional dialect.Recent developments in Frisian society have led to a weaker situation for Frisian. A number of factors are mentioned: industrialization, mobility, education, media and changing social norms. A problem is whether the direction of these forces can be changed. Most promising is the language policy of the provincial administration. The national government does not have a consistent language-policy. Perhaps some positive influence may be gained from European level policies.After these introductory comments research-projects are discussed which have empirically investigated (some aspect of) the language situation. In all 60 small and large, well-known and less known projects are catego-rized on the basis of different characteristics: - language in which reported- period in which done; - main topic (with further specifications);- reasons to do such projects.The next section gives an outline of somewhat larger and generally more scientifically based projects, which are being done at the moment. These are: - a survey of language use in special education;- an investigation of goals for Frisian in primary schools;- a study of the social factors in certain phonological changes;- an empirical investigation of interference;- a plan to study language differences as an interview-effect;- a large scale population survey trying to answer the (well-known) question: "Who speaks what language to whom and why?".The final conclusion is that more research can and needs to be done.


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