Fonetiek en vreemde-talenonderwijs
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The article contains a synthesis of the locution R+0+ teaching|English|pronunciation|| F++0- can be|a sheer|waste|of time|||Such a synthesis is an output of a system of generative phonetic rules, covering both features of timing and of articulation. The rules operate on phonological outputs: transcriptions. In the example, the transcription and the constants were typed in beforehand, the variables then had to be filled in by hand. Students of English at Amsterdam University are regular-ly given such assignments in order to develop their theoretical knowledge of English pronunciation.The synthesis is explained in some detail. The main points that emerge are that the approach is parametric not segmental, functional not real-izational (i.e. from phonetics to phonology, not vice versa), exhaustive not eclectic, specific not differentiating, and articulatory not acoustic. As stated, it rests on the mechanical application of generative rules.Some account is given of the use made of the theory in practical pronun-ciation teaching. The rules themselves could not all be given within the scope of the article: only those for phonation are stated in full, for purposes of illustration. In conclusion, their operation in a short text is then dealt with from the point of view of the Dutch student of English.


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