The Mental Lexicon

image of The Mental Lexicon
ISSN 1871-1340
E-ISSN 1871-1375

<p><em>The Mental Lexicon</em> is an interdisciplinary journal that provides an international forum for research that bears on the issues of the representation and processing of words in the mind and brain. We encourage both the submission of original research and reviews of significant new developments in the understanding of the mental lexicon. The journal publishes work that includes, but is not limited to the following: Models of the representation of words in the mind; Computational models of lexical access and production; Experimental investigations of lexical processing; Neurolinguistic studies of lexical impairment.; Functional neuroimaging and lexical representation in the brain; Lexical development across the lifespan; Lexical processing in second language acquisition; The bilingual mental lexicon; Lexical and morphological structure across languages; Formal models of lexical structure; Corpus research on the lexicon; New experimental paradigms and statistical techniques for mental lexicon research.</p>

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