Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism

image of Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism
ISSN 1879-9264
E-ISSN 1879-9272

<em>LAB</em> provides an outlet for cutting-edge, contemporary studies on bilingualism. <em>LAB</em> assumes a broad definition of bilingualism, including: adult L2 acquisition, simultaneous child bilingualism, child L2 acquisition, adult heritage speaker competence, L1 attrition in L2/Ln environments, and adult L3/Ln acquisition. <em>LAB</em> solicits high quality articles of original research assuming any cognitive science approach to understanding the mental representation of bilingual language competence and performance, including cognitive linguistics, emergentism/connectionism, generative theories, psycholinguistic and processing accounts, and covering typical and atypical populations.

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