Moral Cognition and Communication

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ISSN 2542-3800
E-ISSN 2542-3819

The journal Moral Cognition and Communication (MCaC) provides a forum for research that explores various aspects of moral cognition and communication. This includes the role of moral beliefs for social, economic and political decision-making processes and behavior, as well as the ways in which moral cognition shapes and is shaped by symbolic interactions. Such symbolic interactions include, for instance, language, sign language, and gesture, art and architecture, theatre, dance and music, still and moving images, graphic design and typography, the built and landscaped environment, and other visual cultural interactions, such as, fashion and profession.

Moral Cognition and Communication is a journal dedicated to bring together scholars from various fields of research whose work targets moral cognition, communication, and behavior. It specifically does not limit itself to one set of (sub-)disciplines, theories, or methods, but aims to reach across schools of thought to generate a cross-disciplinary discussion and, ultimately, foster cross-disciplinary thinking and research on a topic that is as multifaceted and complex as human moral cognition.

The journal welcomes papers from a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of moral cognition and communication, seeking to bring together and foster a dialogue between disciplines, such as, linguistics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and moral philosophy, or theology, literature and media. The journal accepts empirical research, theory articles and short responses, as well as reviews and meta-analyses.

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