Language, Context and Text

The Social Semiotics Forum

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ISSN 2589-7233
E-ISSN 2589-7241

Language, Context and Text. The Social Semiotics Forum (LangCT) is an international, refereed journal with a focus on the use, critique and development of social semiotics as originally proposed by the British linguist M.A.K. Halliday. It is dedicated to new theoretical and empirical work in Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) concerning any language. Additionally, there is a deep interest in studies of other modalities that use a social semiotic approach and are directly related to SFL. Social semiotic studies of inter-modal relations between language and other meaning systems are of particular interest, as are transdisciplinary studies in which language use plays a key role. The journal encourages the presentation and critique of new theoretical proposals through careful scholarly analysis, testing of the implications of proposals, and presentation of alternative viewpoints broadly within the SFL framework. The journal publishes research across a broad range of fields and interests; such as, for example, all strata of language and contexts, academic and professional writing, business communication, computational modeling, healthcare communication, child language development, language and literacy learning, literary studies, second and other language learning, social class effects on language use in institutional settings, studies of ideologies, translation and interpretation, and workplace relations.

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