Asian Languages and Linguistics

image of Asian Languages and Linguistics
ISSN 2665-9336
E-ISSN 2665-9344

Asian Languages and Linguistics aims to enhance high-quality research on the description and theoretical analysis of languages throughout Asia. The journal encourages submissions from a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following: Theoretical research on the syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, and pragmatics of any Asian language, and the interface studies such as syntax-semantics interface and morphology-phonology interface. Typological research based on empirical data or theoretical analysis (following any framework) on the structural diversities and cross-linguistic variations among Asian languages or between Asian languages and other languages. Diachronic research based on a careful investigation of Asian languages data that contribute to the theory or methodology of historical linguistics, as well as interdisciplinary study which links historical linguistics to corpus-based research, language variation, typology, etc. Cross-disciplinary research between linguistics and philosophy, psychology, language processing, etc. that contributes to the understanding of Asian languages. Contributions from a comparative or typological perspective are especially welcome.

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