Translation in Society

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ISSN 2667-3037
E-ISSN 2667-3045

<p>The aim of this essentially interdisciplinary journal is to explore translation as a key social relation in a deeply interconnected world.</p> <p><em>Translation in Society</em> offers a platform for the growing amount of research in translation studies that draws on sociological theories and methodologies. It also seeks to contribute to the growing visibility of translation within the humanities and the social sciences more broadly, fostering new research that reveals the social relevance of translation in a wide variety of domains, while promoting at the same time self-reflexivity on the translational aspects of knowledge-production in disciplines such as sociology, political science, policy studies and anthropology.</p> <p><em>Translation in Society</em> welcomes the following types of articles in all areas of translation research: studies of translation with a theoretical and/or methodological framework that draws on sociology, whereby translation also covers other text-modifying practices such as interpreting, adaptation, rewriting, etc.; theoretical and empirical contributions that explore the role of translation in society; interdisciplinary accounts that illustrate the connections between translation studies, sociology and/or other social sciences.</p> <p>The journal also produces special issues on topics of general interest in the humanities and the social sciences, seeking to foster interdisciplinary debates about how translation relates to and intervenes in the most pressing socio-political issues of our times. It is addressed to an international audience interested in social aspects of translation in the broadest sense.</p>

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