Digital Translation

International Journal of Translation and Localization

image of Digital Translation
ISSN 2949-6861
E-ISSN 2949-6845

In recognition of the pervasive impact of digital technologies on all forms of translation, Digital Translation: International Journal of Translation and Localization aims to provide a research venue to explore translation and localization-related phenomena that can be characterised by the shift towards all-encompassing digital environments. Technological advances are leading to the new ontology of translation through the convergence of previously separate sub-domains and co-evolution of human and machine translation. Digital Translation seeks to embrace scholarly discussions arising from this dynamic translation landscape in the digital era, promoting both theoretical and practice-led insights. The journal welcomes original contributions from scholars and researchers grappling with new horizons that are calling for fresh theorization and methodologies, and from practitioners encountering new challenges and approaches in the workplace.

This journal continues The Journal of Internationalization and Localization

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