Studies in Discourse and Grammar

<p><em>Studies in Discourse and Grammar </em>is a monograph series providing a forum for research on grammar as it emerges from and is accounted for by discourse contexts. The assumption underlying the series is that corpora reflecting language as it is actually used are necessary, not only for the verification of grammatical analyses, but also for understanding how the regularities we think of as grammar emerge from communicative needs.</p> <p>Research in discourse and grammar draws upon both spoken and written corpora, and it is typically, though not necessarily, quantitative. Monographs in the series propose explanations for grammatical regularities in terms of recurrent discourse patterns, which reflect communicative needs, both informational and socio-cultural.</p> <p>The series will be continued after volume 23 as <em> <a href="18793983">Studies in Language and Social Interaction</a>.</em> </p>

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