Benjamins Translation Library

The Benjamins Translation Library (BTL) aims to stimulate research and training in Translation & Interpreting Studies - taken very broadly to encompass the many different forms and manifestations of translational phenomena, among them cultural translation, localization, adaptation, literary translation, specialized translation, audiovisual translation, audio-description, transcreation, transediting, conference interpreting, and interpreting in community settings (courts, police, healthcare, social services, etc.) in the spoken and signed modalities – as well as the fuzzy boundaries between professional and amateur transfer and the crossroads between translation studies and other (sub)disciplines.

The BTL seeks to revisit and expand the current boundaries of the ever-evolving discipline by providing a forum for exploring this rich array of themes and approaches, in a variety of epistemological, methodological, social, cultural, historical, technological and pedagogical contexts. In the process, it develops - and challenges - existing theoretical and methodological frameworks, or puts existing ones to the test. Each volume represents an original scholarly endeavor - whether in the form of a monograph, a collective volume, a reference work or a postgraduate textbook.

The European Society for Translation Studies (EST) Subseries is a publication channel within the Library to optimize EST’s function as a forum for the translation and interpreting research community. It promotes new trends in research, gives more visibility to young scholars’ work, publicizes new research methods, makes available documents from EST, and reissues classical works in translation studies which do not exist in English or which are now out of print.

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