Dialogue Studies

The series "Dialogue Studies" takes the notion of <em>dialogicity</em> as central; it starts from the classical view of ‘<em>language as dialogically directed</em>’ and encompasses every type of language use, workaday, institutional and literary.<br /> <br />By covering the whole range of language use, the growing field of dialogue studies comes close to pragmatics and studies in discourse or conversation. The concept of dialogicity, however, provides a clear methodological profile and allows us to structure the pragmatic ‘perspective’ and the ‘pan-discipline’ of discourse. It focuses on methodological premises such as: action and reaction; the integration of the human abilities of speaking, thinking and perceiving; dialogic interaction as the intentional effort to pursue definable goals and interests.<br /> <br />The series aims to cross disciplinary boundaries and considers a genuinely interdisciplinary approach necessary for addressing the complex phenomenon of dialogic language use. All disciplines that deal with the human ability of dialogic interaction from different perspectives, in everyday interaction as well as in institutional contexts, are addressed: linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, rhetoric, anthropology, applied linguistics, culture sciences, the media sciences, economics, jurisprudence.<br /> <br />The current state of research in science in general is characterized by a turning point from closed rule-governed models to open models of probability. In this sense, <em>Dialogue Studies </em>aims to support new ways of theorizing and opens up innovative cross-disciplinary advances in the complex. The series will be of interest to existing theoretical approaches to competence as well as empirical approaches to performance, bridging the gap between competence and performance by focusing on human beings and their competence-in-performance.<br /> <br />This peer reviewed series will include monographs, thematic collections of articles, and introductory textbooks in the relevant areas.

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