Language Faculty and Beyond

<div class="booktext"> <em>Language Faculty and Beyond</em> (LFAB) focuses on research that contributes to a deeper understanding of the properties of languages as a result of the Language Faculty and its interface with other domains of the mind/brain. The research agenda pursued in <em>LFAB</em> reflects the program established after more than five decades of generative inquiry and builds bridges with other domains in the spirit of earlier cognitive traditions, such as the classic work of Plato or the Cartesian view of the mind. <em>LFAB</em> will address properties of the Language Faculty as defined for the domains of macro- and micro-variation across languages.<p> While the series will pay particular attention to the traditional tension between descriptive and explanatory adequacy, the series will also address issues such as the level of linguistic design, through new lines of inquiry often referred to as ‘physiological linguistics’ or ‘biolinguistics’. <em>LFAB</em> aims to publish studies from the point of view of internal and external factors which bear on the nature of linguistic variation as, for example, understood in the minimalist approach to language, and make accessible aspects of the research that are relevant to broader issues, among them neurological and physiological/psychological evidence that bear on the nature of language in a more narrow sense.</p> </div>

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