Handbook of Pragmatics Highlights

<div class="booktext"> <p>The ten volumes of <em>Handbook of Pragmatics Highlights</em> focus on the most salient topics in the field of pragmatics, thus dividing its wide interdisciplinary spectrum in a transparent and manageable way. Each volume starts with an up-to-date overview of its field of interest and brings together some 12–20 entries on its most pertinent aspects.</p> <p> Since 1995 the <em>Handbook of Pragmatics (HoP)</em> and the <em><a href="http://www.benjamins.com/online/hop">HoP Online</a></em> (in conjunction with the <em><a href="http://www.benjamins.com/online/bop">Bibliography of Pragmatics Online</a></em>) have provided continuously updated state-of-the-art information for students and researchers interested in the science of language in use. Their value as a basic reference tool is now enhanced with the publication of a topically organized series of paperbacks presenting <em>HoP Highlights</em>. </p> <p>Whether your interests are predominantly philosophical, cognitive, grammatical, social, cultural, variational, interactional, or discursive, the <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">HoP Highlights</em> volumes make sure you always have the most relevant encyclopedic articles at your fingertips.</p> </div>

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