Metaphor in Language, Cognition, and Communication

The aim of the series is to publish theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary research on the effective use of metaphor in language and other modalities (including, for instance, visuals) for general or specific cognitive and communicative purposes. The aim of the series is to offer both fundamental and applied contributions to the state of the art. The series also invites proposals for inter-cultural and cross-cultural studies of metaphor in language, cognition, and communication. Room will be given as well to publications on related phenomena, such as analogy, metonymy, irony, and humor, as long as they are approached from a comparable perspective.The scope of the series comprises approaches from the humanities and the social and cognitive sciences, including philosophy, cultural studies, linguistics, cognitive science, communication science, media studies, and discourse analysis. More focused attention may be paid to the role of metaphor in the domains of religion, literature and the arts, the media, politics, organization and management, law, economics, health, education, and science.

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