Processability Approaches to Language Acquisition Research & Teaching

<p>Processability Theory (PT) as developed by Manfred Piene­mann is a prominent theory of second language acquisition. PT serves as a framework for a wide range of research cover­ing issues such as L2 processing, interlanguage variation, typological effects on SLA, L1 transfer, linguistic profiling and L2 assessment, stabilisation/fossilisation and teachability. The PALART series serves as a platform for making current research within the PT framework and its application to measurement and teaching, as well as the interdisciplinary discussion of PT accessible to both research­ers and graduate students in the field. PALART is designed to provide a thematic platform for the presentation of current high-quality work within the PT framework. The thematic scope of the series reflects the wide scope of theoretical, empirical and practical aspects of PT.</p>

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