Figurative Thought and Language

The aim of the series is to publish theoretical and empirical research on Figuration broadly construed. Contributions to the study of metaphor, metonymy, irony, hyperbole, understatement, idioms, proverbs and other understudied figures as well as figurative blends will be considered. Works on figuration in gesture and multi-modal expression, embodiment and figuration, pragmatic effects of figurativity and other topics relevant to the production, use, processing, comprehension, scope, underpinnings and theoretical accounts involving figuration, will also be considered.

The broad scope of the series is envisioned to afford multiple approaches to figurative processes from a variety of perspectives, but to present them collectively, enabling cross-fertilization of ongoing and future research. Perspectives include: cognitive scientific, philosophical, psychological (cognitive, social, developmental, clinical, embodied, etc.), linguistic, social (cultural, ideological, commercial, etc.), pedagogical and others. The potential variety of included methods is also broad: among others lexicogrammatical, discourse analytic, corpus-based, experimental, observational and neurological.

Volumes in the series may be collective works, monographs and reference books, in the English language.

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