Shakespeare in European Culture

Shakespeare in European Culture is an international book series promoting the historically based study of the aesthetic, cultural, linguistic and political functions that Shakespeare as a figure and his works have played in Europe’s complex and evolving multilingual and multicultural spaces during the past 425 years.

Books in the series will be either collective volumes or monographs. The series takes a particular interest in books that trace the European history of individual Shakespearean works (e.g., Romeo and Juliet in European Culture). It will, however, also welcome books with a differently defined focus (e.g., the reception of Shakespeare in a specific language, culture or genre), provided they show a keen awareness of the circulation of Shakespearean texts both below and above the ‘national’ levels within the many ‘European’ frameworks past and present.

The series aims to highlight not only how Shakespearean texts, models and myths have shaped European cultural identities, but also that there is no ‘Shakespeare’ without his European sources, influences and afterlives.

The language of publication is English. However, in the spirit of European multilingualism the series has an open and inclusive attitude towards other languages quoted or discussed.

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