Important notification for IngentaConnect users

In addition to the content on this JB e-Platform, we continued hosting our online journals also on IngentaConnect. However, as of June 2023, IngentaConnect will no longer host the full text content. We will continue to add and keep metadata of our journals on IngentaConnect, to serve as a discovery layer for our journal content, but for access to the full text users will be linked to the content on the JB e-Platform. NB. This only affects users of our journal content on IngentaConnect; nothing changes for those who already use the JB e-Platform.

What has changed:

  • The full text of our journals will no longer be available on IngentaConnect; instead, IngentaConnect will link to the JB e-Platform for the full text.
  • Direct links to the full text PDF on IngentaConnect no longer work. If you link to the abstract pages of articles, readers will be sent to the full text on the JB e-Platform from there; access rights on the basis of IPs are already recognized on the JB e-Platform. If you use Shibboleth, you will have to set this up in your administrator account on the JB e-Platform.
  • IngentaConnect will continue to keep statistics of ToC and abstract views (investigations), but usage statistics for full text use (requests) will only be available from the JB e-Platform. NB. COUNTER statistics of previous requests will continue to be accessible via IngentaConnect as usual.

What has not changed:

  • Metadata of newly published articles and issues will be added to IngentaConnect.
  • Links to journal article pages (other than directly to the PDF) will continue to work, as the metadata will still be available on IngentaConnect. Readers who click on the link for the full-text will be taken to the JB e-Platform, where any access rights on the basis of IPs are already recognized.
  • If you use DOIs for linking, nothing changes for you; those have been pointing to the JB e-Platform for a long time already.
  • Alerts about new content will continue to work and saved searches will remain in place.
  • COUNTER statistics of previous requests for full text will continue to be accessible via IngentaConnect as usual. Statistics of investigations (leading to the article abstract page or table of contents) continue to be on IngentaConnect for usage through IngentaConnect.

On the JB e-Platform you(r patrons) can find not only journals but also e-books. For more recent journal articles, the JB e-Platform offers full text HTML and ePub formats in addition to the PDF.

The general help page on the JB e-Platform may provide useful information (KBART, OpenURL, etc.).

Keep track!

The John Benjamins Book Gazette with information on new and forthcoming titles is now also available as a PDF online. For your free subscription to receive the Book Gazette, register here.

We also have a monthly email newsletter and all our new books, journals and journal issues are announced on X (Twitter) @johnbenjamins.

On the JB e-Platform, in your (personal) account, you can set up alerts to be informed of new books in series and new issues/articles in journals that you are interested in. The platform offers a few RSS feeds.

For information on our forthcoming books and journal issues in production, please visit benjamins.com.

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