• New version of the JB e-Platform!

    Welcome to this new version of the JB e-Platform. You will the same content, but with added information and functionality.

  • HTTPS, and proxy servers

    In order to ensure that all aspects of site traffic are secure, we use HTTPS for this new version of our platform. HTTPS may cause access issues for institutions using legacy versions of proxy servers which do not support delivery of HTTPS web pages. We kindly ask you to check and if necessary upgrade your proxy servers to versions supporting HTTPS page delivery.

  • Six more e-books 'Unlatched'

    Through library pledges for the Knowledge Unlatched Select 2017 Backlist collection, six more e-books have become Open Access. Read more ...

  • Privacy policy

    Please view our current privacy policy (last update: 23 May 2018)

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