Terms of Use

Last updated: 1 January 2019

By accessing the electronic full text of a John Benjamins journal or book you indicate that you have read and accept the terms and conditions stated in these Terms of Use.

We may amend these Terms of Use at any time. Any revised version will be effective upon its publication on this website.


  • The "Publisher" is John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  • The "Licensee" is the person, institute, library or company holding the subscription to the journal or purchasing the e-book.
  • An "Authorized User" is any member of the staff or faculty, or enrolled student of the Licensee who can get access via a secure server, or any person physically present at a computer on the site of the Licensee. In the case of a private subscription or purchase, the Licensee is the only Authorized User.
  • The "Material" is the electronic version of a book or a journal volume published by the Publisher, or any part thereof that is only made available to Licensees.


  • The Material is copyright of the Publisher or under license to the Publisher.
  • The Material will be delivered to Licensee through the John Benjamins e-Platform.
  • The full text of the Material is presented in PDF format.
  • The Publisher warrants long-term availability of the Material. If the Material should no longer be made available through this platform, the Publisher will offer other options and inform the Licensees about these. Our journals and books are archived with Portico.
  • The Publisher accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage consequent upon the use of the Material or the platform.
  • For institutions, libraries and companies, access is on the basis of a single site license; this may be a single campus with multiple buildings. For multi-site licenses, please contact the Publisher.
  • For private users, access is on the basis of a personal log-in and password, which may not be made available to others.
  • The Licensee and the Authorized Users may make all use of the Material as is consistent with international copyright laws and the Fair Use Provisions of the United States. However, the Licensee and the Authorized Users are not permitted to:
    • Allow the Material to be accessed by anyone other than Authorized Users;
    • Alter, amend, modify or change the Material;
    • Engage in systematic copying or downloading of the Material, other than strictly necessary to view the Material;
    • Make the Material available in any other form or medium or to create derivative works without the prior written permission from the Publisher;
    • Distribute the Material directly — in electronic form — for the purpose of interlibrary loan (ILL). It is permitted to print and fax Materials (or use a facsimile-like service such as Ariel) for the purpose of ILL, within the same country as the Licensee, at cost price, and only to non-commercial and non-corporate libraries.

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